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Travelling when and where you are not permitted can become an expensive exercise. Prior planning and research is key to minimising this risk:


1. Conservation areas, National Parks and State & Private Land:

Varying restrictions apply in these areas (e.g. Conservation Act).

  • A Permit is required if horse travel is being considered through these areas (For contact details, refer to 'National Parks' in the Links and Apps section).

    • Obtaining a permit is a heavily scrutinised, a time consuming process and strict conditions are usually attached if one is granted

    • If applying for a permit, ensure plenty of lead time and to minimise delays ensure you have included a risk management plan detailing planned route and how you will minimise the impact on the indigenous flora, fauna & wildlife


2. Pandemic/Disasters:

These events usually occur without warning and are difficult to plan for. These events can impact everything from camp sites, accommodation, public amenities, supply points to the ability to get in and out of an area. If there is evidence to suggest that a significant event may occur within or near your planned route, delaying the planned trip is the responsible action to take. Emergency services and Government Bodies need to be focused on any emergency, not on non essential travellers.

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