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Hi Darlings, yes it is mwah, Miacoda Moon or as my most favourite human fondly calls me, Coda.

Yes yes l know, big, wide & absolutely fabulous.  
So glad you asked, yes l have journeyed many km's. To name just a few places, the great Tasmanian Trail from Devonport to Dover, Parliament House Hobart to parley with a Minister, Scottsdale to Sheffield Tasmania because we could, not to mention my visits to the Laneway Cafe in the city of Devonport to put a smile on my loyal fans. 

The trip over the Bridge of Remembrance, over the Rose Garden Bridge through to Salamanca Place and to the peaceful Signal Station in Mount Nelson in the City of Hobart for a moment of tranquility.
Security at the magnificent Agfest at Carrick can also be added to my extensive repertoire.

Well Petals, enough about me for now, will chat soon toodle-oo ❤




Coda was born on a foggy morning with the glow of the moon in the background at 0230 hrs on 6th November 2011.


Coda was named Miacoda Moon to symbolise the moment at which she was born and embodies the 'Power of the Moon'.

To see this beautiful, long legged beauty laying beside her mother Myah, steam rising in the foggy moonlight, it was a sight to behold. This beautiful filly was destined for great things.


Her extraordinary mother Myah, is part quarter horse & thoroughbred.  Only recently it was found that her father was the Stallion, 'Iarell Flash Baron' a magnificent Clydesdale.



On 13th June 2019 Coda rode onto the lawns of Parliament House in Hobart with hope of meeting a Minister of Parliament to discuss a land dispute where a section of the iconic Tasmanian Trail had been blocked by an adjoining landowner.

Coda and her human companion rode from Latrobe through Elizabeth Town, Deloraine, Exton, Westbury, Cressy, through to Campbell Town where they resupplied and continued along the highway to Hobart. This was to highlight that although Coda was magnificent with traffic, it is not ideal to travel along a busy road. Having off road sections such as that at the Old Deloraine Rd in Latrobe were important to allow horses to move without travel on narrow busy sections of road.

Coda & Dakota were successful in meeting with Minister Guy Barnett and an agreement was reached with the adjoining land owner, enabling the  section to be reopened.



Coda and her companion Dakota are members of the Tasmanian Trail and have travelled the Tasmanian Trail together 6 times as of March 2020. 

The longest trip that Coda has completed in one trip is from East Devonport to Dover and return. During this journey, the route deviated via parts of Wadamana, Westerway and Bothwell to determine if the Tasmanian Trail could include these parts as an alternative route for the Tasmanian Trail.


Hobart has many attractions, the sound of hooves in the early morning is not usually one of them however there is something soothing to be said for the sound. 

To access the Signal Station in Mount Nelson starting at the Cenotaph in Hobart was crucial. The 'Bridge of Rememberance' was used to cross the Tasman Hwy, the 'Rose Garden Bridge' to cross the Brooker Hwy, past the Royal Hobart Hospital through to Salamanca Square. The echo of hooves sounded through the back streets of Battery Point to Sandy Bay and up the steep roads to the fire trails to the Signal Station in Mt Nelson.

The return trip gave Coda and her 'My Life Of Trails' equine companion, the opportunity to give people an experience they do not often see in a City area and so brighten their day.

'If crossing paths with another brings light to their day, then we will continue our journey to shed that light'.

 ('My Life Of Trails' Family - June 2020)

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