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In a time gone by you could jump on your horse and ride almost anywhere, in these times there are rules and laws that riders and their faithful steed must abide by. 

1. Road Rules: 

Horses are considered a vehicle, a mode of transport and therefore must abide by rules, laws and regulations, ignorance is not a defense:

  • Rules may vary from state to state so ensure you are aware of any state requirements for the area you wish to travel. 

    • Keep in mind that many drivers do not understand horses and are often not aware of the road rules with regard to horses

  • make sure you are highly visible, expect the unexpected and just play it cool when that moment comes

It may be frustrating when you feel a driver has not done the right thing but remember when you become angry or upset, your equine companion will feed off your emotions and become unsettled. 

2. Conservation areas, National Parks and State & Private Reserves: Varying restrictions apply in these areas.

Note: Refer to 'Travel Restrictions' Page for more information

3. Private property:

If you plan on crossing private land, permission should be obtained in the first instance as a courtesy. Consider how you would react if a stranger wandered through your house without an invite. If unsure, websites such as 'The List' can assist during your planning stage to determine whether it is private land or not. 

4. Oh Crap!!: 

Unfortunately when your horse needs to go there is usually a large deposit left behind. Apart from being good manners to pick up after your 'not so best friend at that moment', there may be local council requirements to pick up after your horse.

Small garbage bags have proven a useful tool for those more solid deposits, for the more liquid variety, you are on your own

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