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Hi y'all, Yep I'm eating again, so whats it to ya.

Can never get too much of this stuff, gotta keep the energy up, ya never know when we will be heading out on the trail.


Me, Rude... No! its a matter of perspective. I think people just take things out of context. I know what I like or don't like and I'm not afraid to let you know. 

Yo where's my carrot! Sorry Tahnee just walked past and forgot my fave food.


A hint for next time you see me. I like carrots. Anyway, its rude to eat and yap so catch y'all round some time.





Caliska was born in the North West of Tasmania in 2011. Bred for harness racing, Caliska's track name was 'Kaliska Leis'.
Running her first race in Hobart September 2017 and her last race in June 2018, although running 2nd place on three occasions, track work was not for her.
In 2018 Caliska begun her new life with us where she would begin her training to travel the trails of Tasmania.



Although a small level of training was conducted when Caliska came to her new home, it was 12 months before her more intensive training began. Caliska made it very clear that she enjoyed her more relaxed life style.

During her first trail rides on sections of the Tasmanian Trail, Caliska was extremely lazy insisting that her previous home would never consider working her at all.


We finally came to an understanding that providing a hard feed was available at the end of a ride and carrots would magically appear along the way then she would tag along. 



Caliska completed 480 km's of the 'Tasmanian Trail' in early 2020. This was Caliska's and her human companion, Tahnee's first major trail ride of this magnitude which tested both their endurance capabilities and Caliska's suitability as a long distance trail horse.

Although Caliska normally preferred to be 'tail end Charlie', she found the confidence along the trail to lead and when she wanted to lead she let everyone know. It was during her ride on the Tasmanian Trail that Caliska met many new challenges and took them on with great bravery. River crossings, bridges, alpacas, "4wding" over rocks, a new place to sleep everynight and walking in the early morning darkness just to name a few. But she did this without too much fuss - unless she just didn't want to do something - just because...  

The 'Tasmanian Trail' consists of sections of road where Caliska proved once again that she was up there with the best and could handle anything thrown at her.


Caliska's first major city ride was through Tasmania's beautiful Hobart. The city presented more challenges with a greater volume of traffic, water fountains, street sweepers, floating punts along the Constitution Docks and the glow of the city lights. 

Caliska showed Hobart the caliber of mare she is by taking in all this additional stimulation and not missing a beat. Walking the 'Bridge of Remembrance' and the 'Rose Garden Bridge' did not phase her at all. Caliska kept a steady pace through the streets of Hobart, to the Signal Station and return. Finally proudly presenting herself to the lawns of Parliament House giving her riding companion the opportunity to sample the exquisite, hand made chocolates of the 'Nutpatch' before the return trip home.

'If crossing paths with another brings light to their day, then we will continue our journey to shed that light'.

 ('My Life Of Trails' Family - June 2020)

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